My name is Shawn Duong, and I’m a hacker – not the kind that is really a “cybercriminal,” but the kind that is passionately curious, loves to create, and loves to explore.

I’ve been programming for >10 years now, primarily in C for my algorithms and Python for my exploits, though I do have plenty of full stack experience as well and varying degrees of proficiency in Assembly (x86, MIPS), C++, Bash, PowerShell, Kotlin, Java, Ruby, nesC, and most recently, Rust – as a computer scientist, I’m agnostic to tools and usually learn what’s necessary to complete a particular job. I love creating circuits, messing around with Arduinos, and creating custom PCBs and electronics. You can check out some of my projects over on the “Projects” page.

My specializations include digital forensics, radio frequency, and network security, though I also have varying degrees of experience with reverse engineering, binary exploitation, web application security, and physical access control systems security. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with LF/HF RFID, magstripes, and keyless entry systems, and I’m currently working on a magspoofing proof-of-concept for the Flipper Zero by repurposing its 125 kHz RFID hardware.

I recently graduated from the University of California, Merced in the fall of 2022 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. I finished with a 3.87/4.00 GPA, High Honors, and the “Outstanding CSE Student” award for my class of by the School of Engineering. If you’re looking to hire and want to see whether or not we’d be a good match, spark a conversation with me over on the “Contact” page.

I am the founder, administrator, and one of three board members at IrisSec, an international computer hacking club. We aim to promote a fun and enjoyable learning environment for all members. We help each other out, have fun at computer hacking competitions, share learning resources, and are overall just there for each other. If you’re interested in learning more about IrisSec, then you can check out our official club website here.

We also host IrisCTF annually, for which I author the forensics, RF, and networking categories, as well as working with my team to handle event logistics and infrastructure. If you’re interested in participating in IrisCTF, you can check out our CTF site here.

Contrary to popular belief, my first words were not, in fact, “Hello World!” I’m an avid longboarder, bicyclist, hiker, photographer, and n scale model railroader, among others.

Well, that scratches the surface of who I am! I don’t use social media but if you’d like to get in contact then feel welcome to send an email to the inbox found in the “Contact” section. Until then, happy hacking!