Preparing for Spring

Yesterday, I finalized my spring semester class schedule. I’m looking forward to spring and what it has in store. This upcoming semester, I’m going to be taking ENGR57 (Statics and Dynamics), ENGR65 (Circuit Theory), CSE31 (Computer Organization and Assembly Language), and CSE100 (Algorithm Design and Analysis). My work schedules still have yet to be determined, and after that, I will be able to open up the classes I’m teaching this year for registration and appointments.

Mentally, I’m still preparing myself. I’ve had nearly three weeks to recover now and one more to go. Recent events have made me start questioning and reevaluating the people I choose to associate with, the relationships I’ve built, and the authenticity thereof. This recent dip in my mental state has made it difficult for me to focus on anything lately. In particular, I’ve been struggling to gain progress on the book I’ve been writing.

I’m looking forward to going home. Soon.

Happy trails.