IrisSec Wins the National Cyber League

I’m happy to announce that we’ve just won the National Cyber League, Spring 2021 season! We ranked first place out of 922 teams total. This is the second consecutive season we’ve won first place, and so we’re proud to defend our title. Our team lineup for this event was:

This was a great experience for our team and we’re glad to have participated. We’d like to thank Cyber Skyline and the National Cyber League for organizing this event, and Excelsior, TNTECH, MTU, SANS, UAA, UA, and many other opponents for providing a fierce competition this season.

As the founder and administrator of IrisSec, I’m continually amazed by the stellar performance and sheer talent exhibited by our hackers, and it continues to be a blessing seeing the team of only a couple of people that I started two years ago over time grow into a group with 25+ members from all over the world. Keep hacking, Iris!