nya! Devlog 2

Being back home in Merced, I’ve finally been able to get some peace and quiet and work on the daemon I’ve been writing for nya! again. It’s nice to be able to program recreationally in peace and silence again. I’ve gotta check up on the other subteams soon to see where they’re at, and I’ve been a lot more lax as far as deadlines go for the development team since it’s summer and I know a few of them are full-time job searching.

Right now, I’m not super concerned about our self-imposed 8 July 2021 deadline. Each individual on my development team has a life outside of this extracurricular project, and I’ve also been working pretty diligently on switchlib so it’s not like this is my total 100%-focused project.

So yeah, that’s the status of nya! right now. We’re relaxing the deadlines, finishing up our parts, and I’ve gotta check back in on the subteams pretty soon. I helped out the analytics engine subteam not too long ago when they were having some trouble implementing structures and “methods” in C (as opposed to C++).

More stuff to come soon.

Happy hacking!