IrisCTF 2024 is a Go!

IrisSec is exited to announce that IrisCTF 2024 is a go! We’re going to be hosting our second CTF ever this upcoming January from 2023.01.06 @ 00:00 UTC to 2023.01.08 @ 00:00 UTC. We’re excited to bring back our organization team from last year, plus a few new members who will be joining us in making this event!

As usual, we’ll have our returning categories of pwn, crypto, forens, net, rf, rev, and web in addition to misc and a new category this year: osint. Prizes will be announced in December.

Registrations will open up a couple of weeks before the CTF begins. You can join our Discord to keep up-to-date:

The crew at Iris hopes to see you there. As usual, IrisCTF is meant to be a fun, lighthearted, and educational experience for all.

Happy hacking!